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Along These Lines - Vinyl 12" [Limited Beer Promo]

Along These Lines - Vinyl 12" [Limited Beer Promo]

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  • Vinyl 12" - 180 gram high quality vinyl
  • Plastic Sealed
  • Choice of Pear Cider or Belgian Blond Beer [Limited Availability]
  • Featuring talented and up and coming music producers and artists

Along These Lines" is a sonic exploration that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the vibrant soundscape of a metropolitan city. From captivating rhythms to evocative melodies, this album paints a diverse and vivid musical portrait of urban diversity, taking you along the lines of a city's pulsating heartbeat. Each track within this auditory journey encapsulates the raw essence of city life. It's a sonic narrative that transports you to the core of metropolitan living. Explore the city's heartbeat through this melodic expedition and feel the pulse of its narrative in every beat, every note, resonating within your soul.


Side A

  1. City Square – RINZ.
  2. Sunset Avenue – RINZ.
  3. Riverside – RINZ.
  4. Botanic Garden – RINZ. & Hoffy Beats
  5. Oakstreet – RINZ.
  6. Southside Cinema – RINZ. & Uevo
  7. Blue Boulevard – RINZ. & MiDN8

Side B

  1. Grapevine Hills – RINZ. & delaney.
  2. Parkside Drive – RINZ.
  3. Overnight Train – RINZ., DESH & Noé Mina
  4. The Last Metro – RINZ.
  5. Memory Lane – RINZ. & Sam Cross
  6. Discourse – RINZ. & Soul Food Horns


PLEASE NOTE! Shipping alcohol to the US is prohibited. This means, if you are ordering from the US, I won't be able to ship the beer to you. 

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